Exclaimer for ABM Marketers

Personalize your email signatures to perfection and track their performance with powerful analytics. Plus, save hours of IT time thanks to central signature management.

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Available in three tiers

Exclaimer is used by companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors. So we’ve created three pricing plans to match.


Our basic plan delivers consistent email signatures across the entire organization.


Fire up your marketing potential with multiple templates, rotating banners and one-click surveys. 

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Embrace the full power of email signatures with advanced signature targeting and scheduling, complete design customization, and access to analytics.

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Build trust and recognition with every email

Guarantee 100% brand consistency with Exclaimer, ensuring every employee's email, across all devices, is on-brand.

Turn every member of your team into a brand ambassador and every email they send into a powerful brand impression.

No more worries about accurate and compliant email signatures. Exclaimer's got you covered with correct logos, disclaimers, and employee information.

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Turn every email into an advertising campaign

Use email signatures to optimize the high volume of 1:1 emails you send, improving conversion and increasing revenue.

Promote your most effective content, cross-sell to your customers, increase event registration, highlight new products or services, accelerate your sales velocity, and drive engagement with prospects and partners.

All this using a channel you fully own – free from your competition.

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Send the right message at the right time

Increase the effectiveness of your emails by delivering personalized experiences with email signatures tailored to your audiences.

Work more efficiently by establishing automated schedules that connect your signatures to your integrated campaigns.

Amplify engagement by empowering your teams to select the signature best suited for the recipient they're emailing.

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