Fire up mobile signature management with the Exclaimer Outlook Add-In for Mobile

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We're excited to announce that our Add-in for Outlook is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Our Add-in already allows users to automatically apply and preview their email signature when composing a message in Outlook for Windows, macOS, or Outlook on the web (OWA). With the latest update, organizations can now provide this same benefit to employees using smartphones and tablets.  

Exclaimer customers who are required to or prefer not to pass their email through the Exclaimer cloud infrastructure, can now centrally control email signatures used on mobile devices for the very first time.  

With device (client-side) deployment enabled and the latest Outlook Add-in, signatures are now added directly onto emails composed on a mobile device in real-time, ensuring correct signatures are applied and visible, even on the go. From default signature templates to reply-to signatures, users get a seamless and consistent email signature experience across all devices. 

Working directly with Microsoft’s latest API, our Add-in update makes applying email signatures incredibly simple across all devices. Our Add-in can be centrally deployed from within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, allowing signatures to be effectively managed for every user on any device from within Exclaimer.  

Customers who use our cloud deployment option will continue to benefit from greater coverage and additional functionality. 

Continued benefits of cloud deployment in addition to, or in place of, device deployment include: 

  • Signatures being added to other mobile email clients besides Outlook  

  • The ability to see full signature engagement analytics so you can track success 

Want to try this new update?  

Please be aware that Microsoft is currently in the process of gradually introducing its Outlook API to all users. As a result, some of our customers may experience temporary unavailability of the new mobile functionality. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a specific timeframe for when it will become accessible to everyone.

For our existing customers, we recommend ensuring that you are using the most up-to-date Outlook add-in. You can find more information about this update on our Knowledge Base.

If you’re new to Exclaimer, you can test it for yourself with a free trial or an online demonstration.