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Before you dive in, make sure your IT team has completed the technical setup for your trial. It takes less than an hour to configure and test our service.

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Essential resources to kickstart your journey

We've curated a collection of easy-to-follow guides to ensure your setup is a breeze:

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Discover the art of crafting your first signature

This overview covers all you need to know about crafting a well-branded signature.

We'll walk you through the available features and how to make the most of them.

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Engagement features to power up your marketing

Ignite the true potential of your email signatures with new features designed to turbo-boost your marketing efforts. Explore our full suite of engagement features including:

Social Feeds

Keep your email signatures dynamic by integrating your latest social media posts.

Salesforce Integration

Connect Exclaimer with Salesforce to quickly access recipient lists, ensuring your messaging is always on point.


Schedule banner campaigns to deliver personalized messages to your audience at the best time.

Enhance your Exclaimer experience

Additional resources at your fingertips:

ROI calculator

Explore how email signature campaigns can transform into your top marketing channel using our ROI calculator.

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Email Signature Management Solution's Buyer's Guide

Check out the key factors to consider when choosing an email signature management solution for marketing purposes. 

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Use cases

See how Exclaimer empowers you to achieve greater success through optimized personalized email communications.

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Meet the customers adding more oomph to their emails

  • Score 5 of 5

    Dale M.

    Changing multiple email signatures at one time is incredible and time-saving and we can change the campaign quickly without asking any user to do changes.

  • Score 5 of 5

    Daniel R.

    If you want a detailed signature with links to Facebook, LinkedIn, or company website this is the perfect solution.

  • Score 4.5 of 5

    Philip M.

    Exclaimer solves one of the biggest problems for sending of business email, good-looking email footers, and their rendering on different devices. Benefits of using Exclaimer are many, but importantly business signatures have a 'house' style. Plus banners to promote products to your existing customers.

  • Score 5 of 5

    Anita B.

    Exclaimer manages signatures centrally and adds them to your users' emails via Microsoft 365. This makes it easy for the Marketing department to manage the company's email signature content without involving the IT department.

  • Score 5 of 5

    Jake R.

    Now we can run campaigns and make adjustments without the hassle of changing them all individually. We can have marketing use their own Editor login to adjust the signatures, and set individual access rights on sensitive signatures (for example, CEO's). This allow IT to remove themselves from maintaining the design, and focus on systems.

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