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Exclaimer’s Pro plan comes with a host of incredible features that empower all departments that have a stake in the email signature management process, including: 

  • User editable fields

  • Rotating banners

  • Usage and engagement dashboard

  • One-click feedback

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Exclaimer Pro feature highlights

User editable fields 

Our User Details Editor allows employees to edit certain details of their email signature, without having to raise an IT ticket. 

IT can set rules around exactly which details are editable so users can self-serve without changing the style of the signature or mandatory fields. 

Some examples include

  • Preferred gender pronoun

  • Personal mobile number

  • Surname changes

  • Office working hours

  • Personal LinkedIn profile

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Rotating banners

The secret to working smarter is finding tools that allow you to supercharge automation and collaboration. 

All this lets you collaborate with marketing colleagues to automatically apply consistent branding across all signatures and campaigns and supercharge marketing efforts.

Exclaimer's Rotating Banners feature allows you to: 

  • Add multiple images to your email signature design – you choose when and where they should appear

  • Set dates for special promotions or events

  • Rotate banners randomly or in order, hourly or daily

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Usage and engagement dashboard

Accessing the data behind your signatures can help you uncover a world of opportunity. 

With our Usage and Engagement Dashboard, you can: 


  • See and export data on how many mailboxes are receiving an email signature and flag those that aren’t

  • Proactively monitor system health, showing active templates and folders, external versus internal email stats, and the volume and timing of emails sent

  • Let your marketing colleagues A/B test marketing messages and track ROI from their signature campaigns

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One-click feedback

There’s no better way to monitor feedback than a ‘traffic light’ survey embedded in your email signature. You’ll get a real-time view of patterns and trends and be able to celebrate successes.  With Exclaimer’s one-click feedback you can: 


Track feedback: Know exactly who feedback has come from, so you can take action 


Improve sales conversions: Monitor the health of your customer and prospect conversations by quickly spotting any problems 


Get great response rates: The one-click system means it’s easy for customers to leave their feedback, helping you supercharge response rates compared to long-form surveys


Measure customer experience: Get the most accurate data to measure CSAT or NPS 


Use real-time alerts and analytics: Use real-time alerts so you can act swiftly on feedback, and a dedicated analytics dashboard to monitor general patterns and trends 

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