Adding ‘oomph’ to every email

We’re dedicated to enhancing every email and enabling brands and businesses to form stronger connections. Why? Because we think everyone deserves the power of a great sign-off.

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The mission: email, amplified

After starting Exclaimer over 20 years ago, we saw how our email signature management software could enhance the way businesses manage employee email signatures.

Today we help brands keep communications consistent, and make every message count – all while being legally compliant.

But our software doesn’t just help things run smoothly, it lets businesses cut admin overheads and boost engagement to maximize growth.

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We're global

Our software benefits more than 60,000 customers worldwide, so that wherever or whoever you are, you can send emails with full-force, and with confidence. We offer solutions and support to businesses of all sizes, in all industries. 

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We're recommended award-winners

We’re recognized for changing the way businesses manage email signatures and boost engagement.

That’s why we’re not only recommended by Microsoft MVPs but we’re also Microsoft and Google Workspace Partners, with extensive experience developing solutions for Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Workspace.

We’ve also accepted industry awards over the years, including a number of G2 Best Software Awards. We’re leaders because we’re one of the highest performing privately-owned companies in the UK tech sector.

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The best support

We didn’t just become a leading email signature software provider by chance. We’re considered one of the best because our dedicated team always provides the highest level of support.

So whether you need help with template design or getting your signatures set up, we’ll always be on hand to help elevate your email signatures and send every email with full force.

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The most secure

We’ve got the highest security standards around, Visit our Security Centre for more information on security.  

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The team

Marco Costa

Marco Costa


Vicky Mills

Vicky Wills


Jeremy Nicholls


Carol Howley

Carol Howley


Chiara Greco

Chiara Greco


Jim Turner

Jim Turner

SVP Customer Experience

Andrew Pringle

SVP Global Sales

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