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Deliver personalization at scale, run multiple campaigns at once, and track success with Exclaimer Pro. Our Pro plan comes with incredible features that allow you to target specific audiences with personalized content that caters to their unique needs.

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Features like: 

  • Social Feeds for Facebook

  • Salesforce Integration for recipient-based targeting

  • Unlimited templates

  • Rotating banners

  • Advanced targeting and scheduling

  • Engagement dashboard

  • One-click surveys

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Social Feeds

Direct your audience to your social media content and supercharge engagement with every email you send. Stand out from your competitors and get ready to: 

  • Automatically insert your last three Facebook posts in your signatures 

  • Drive greater click-through-rates with more visual and interactive signature designs  

  • Improve the performance of your social media efforts with new insights provided in the Social Feeds Analytics dashboard   

Salesforce Integration

Our new Salesforce Integration gives you more control over the customer journey and provides a more customized experience. Simplify targeting in your email signatures and get ready to: 

  • Quickly access recipient lists, ensuring your messaging hits the mark every time 

  • Direct banners to specific Salesforce lists, boosting engagement through personalized communication tailored to your audience 

Other features

Rotating banners

Often, marketers have a lot to share with their audience but not enough ad space. Rotating banners give you the freedom to display multiple messages in the same space.  

On top of that, you can enhance your banners with: 

  • Advanced targeting: Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time 

  • Headline placement: Place banners above the email message body for maximum impact

  • A/B testing: Compare the effectiveness of different messages to optimize performance

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Engagement dashboard

Data is the key to driving efficient growth. And with our analytics dashboard, you’ll get full visibility into how your audience interacts with your email signatures. 

Our engagement dashboard helps you: 

  • Measure ROI and guide your follow-up actions

  • Monitor clicks on different banners and signature templates as part of your email signature campaigns

  • Optimize your strategies for better results

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One-click surveys

Customers don't have the time or energy to complete long surveys. So make it easy using simple star, emoji, or traffic light scales with our instant surveys to get fast, actionable feedback on:


Customer satisfaction: Calculate important markers such as your CSAT (customer satisfaction score) and NPS (net promoter score) 


Content relevance: Learn if your content resonates with your audience 


Communication preferences: Find out if recipients are happy with your communication frequency 


Employee sentiment: Keep track of how your teams are feeling

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