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Exclaimer for Google Workspace: How it works

See how Exclaimer’s Gmail signature manager for Google Workspace adapts to your business needs. 

Full signature conformity. Simple management processes.

Add Gmail signatures to every message with Exclaimer’s powerful Google Workspace email signature solution.   

Read on to discover how Exclaimer works with Google Workspace. 

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Server-side configuration

Imprint Gmail signatures on every email on every device with our Azure-hosted signature service.

Step 1

Use Exclaimer’s drag and drop signature designer to create professional email signatures with graphics, banners, and text. All contact details are added automatically from Google Directory, with templates easily assigned to different departments.   

Client-side configuration

Apply signatures directly within Gmail with no mail flow passing to the Exclaimer cloud service.

Step 1

Use Exclaimer’s drag-and-drop signature designer to create corporate email signatures with graphics, icons, and text. Then, assign signatures to various departments throughout the organization. 

Server-side & client-side configuration

Deploy signatures to each user’s Gmail settings and pass them for imprinting after an email is sent to ensure a signature is applied to every email no matter what device is used 

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Let’s see what your email signature can do for you

Say hello to our cloud

Our customers trust us with their data. Exclaimer is hosted within four Microsoft Azure datacenters worldwide. These are arranged into two geographically separated pairs, ensuring data remains local and operational excellence is maintained.

  • Our setup uses load balancing to provide a single network service from our Azure servers, redirecting traffic to the other regional datacenter when needed for reliability and continuity of service.

  • The Google Workspace email signature service scales to meet demand, maintaining output and email processing times.

  • Industry standard security best practices guarantee data safety, with DMZs, IPS, and WAF solutions in place to protect against potential attacks.

  • Inbound connections are secured with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

  • 24/7/365 monitoring automatically detects service alerts. The Exclaimer Service Health page comes with real-time service information for all users, with additional notifications available via SMS and email if you opt in.

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Trusted worldwide

See why 60,000+ businesses trust us to deliver the best solution for Google Workspace email signature management.

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Let’s see what your Google Workspace email signatures can do for you