Turn every sign-off into a sales opportunity

Stand out in a fiercely competitive market and leave a lasting impression with every business email sent. Supercharge your marketing and sales efforts with Exclaimer's automated email signature management platform.

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Trusted by technology and software development companies around the world

Unlock a new marketing channel

  • Use dynamic banners to promote events, product launches, and new business and upselling campaigns

  • Tailor your email signatures to targeted audiences for maximum impact.

  • Monitor clicks, conversions, and other metrics to optimize your strategies.

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Elevate your brand

  • Strengthen your brand identity with consistently polished email signatures.

  • Build trust with customer testimonials, awards, and case studies.

  • Increase brand visibility and reach with every email you send

  • Boost your reputation with one-click surveys for collecting customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter scores (NPS).

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Ensure efficiency and security

  • Manage email signatures effortlessly across all users and devices, no matter their location.

  • Easily incorporate disclaimers, legal statements, and regulatory requirements.

  • Take charge of signature design and rollout without specialized skills.

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Built for every business

Exclaimer is used by companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors. So we've created three pricing plans to match.

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Every day we securely process emails for technology companies, using a system built on data protection, reliability, and trust.

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“We've managed to completely standardize a very complex signature system for multiple tenants on different platforms. This would have been nearly impossible to regulate without Exclaimer.”

Gary Halbig

Professional Computer Management Inc.

“Central management of email signatures has freed up admin time considerably. Now, when we want to change someone's job title or add a festive greeting, we do it once instead of multiple times. The support is also amazing & very quick!”

Rebecca Heywood

Comtek Computing Solutions Ltd

“Really easy to use and makes your signatures for the whole company looks good. It also looks very good when you are emailing from a cell phone or tablet. Really recommend this product!”

Emil Höglund

Min Datorsupport AB

“If you're after an easy to use signature manager for your business, this is it. Easy to get set up and once you've made 2 or 3 signatures, you can make high quality signatures in no time at all for all areas of your team.”

Matthew Healey

Signum Solutions

“I love Exclaimer because it allows me to keep my branding consistent regardless of who from my organisation is sending email and what device they are using.”

David Silvester


“The integration with Microsoft 365 makes it so easy to add and remove users and have company-standard signatures from day one.”

Jesse Whitton

BITS Technology Group

“Exclaimer helps us and our customers to easily create, manage and distribute signatures throughout the organization and use them on all devices. I cannot think of another product with this functionality. It saves us and our customers a lot of time.”

Dave Groenen

Libra ICT

Plans to power up your emails

Choose a plan to meet your needs and prepare to launch better company email signatures.

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FAQ - Putting email signatures first in the technology industry

By addressing these tech-focused queries, we strive to demonstrate the adaptability and advanced features of Exclaimer's email signature software. This tool not only enhances your digital presence but also integrates deeply into the technological workflows, empowering your tech business with the tools to maintain a strong, recognizable digital identity.

Can Exclaimer's software integrate with our tech company's existing email infrastructure?

Certainly. Our email signature software is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing email systems. Integration is fuss-free, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate synchronization with your tech stack.