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Manage email signatures effortlessly

Ensure each email reflects your organization's professionalism and credibility. Save time by centralizing and automating email signatures using Exclaimer.

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Simplify email signature management

Streamline updates to avoid time-drain and complex manual processes.

Empower your team: Use one central hub to control email signatures companywide.

Instant updates, zero downtime—keep your email signatures fresh without skipping a beat.

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Build trust through consistency

Provide a unified brand image on all business emails.

Standardize email signatures for everyone, no matter the device or location.

Share accurate contact information to establish connections and build stronger relationships.

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Automate to accelerate

Signatures at the ready: Simplify employee onboarding with automatic signature creation.

Give every department, team, and brand an optimized signature, all without heavy lifting.

Personalize at scale to deliver the right signature to the right inbox at the perfect moment.

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Exclaimer features

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Automate and achieve more

Email signatures on every email

Optimize your email signatures with Exclaimer's cloud deployment for consistent branding across all devices.

Plans to power up your emails

Choose a suitable plan to meet your needs and get ready to launch enhanced company email signatures.


Our basic plan delivers consistent email signatures across the entire organization.


Fire up your marketing potential with multiple templates, rotating banners and one-click surveys. 


Embrace the full power of email signatures with advanced signature targeting and scheduling, complete design customization, and access to analytics.

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Every day we securely process emails for our customers using a system built on data-protection, reliability, and trust.

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“Exclaimer is an outstanding email signature solution. It suits our needs perfectly, and we wouldn’t be able to handle our signatures without it. Exclaimer just makes it all easy.”

Alfred Muller

Dunlop Protective Footwear

“With Exclaimer, we can now force email signature uniformity, and run banner campaigns for different departments. Their customer support is fantastic and I highly recommend their solution.”

Ryan Fannin

Indianapolis Colts

“Whether you want to reinforce your brand, share important news or simply ensure that your contact details are delivered consistently, Exclaimer is the best way to manage the process efficiently.”

Anke Taylor

FloControl Ltd

“We have found the entire signature creation and implementation process incredibly efficient and time saving, while also making overall signature administration much easier.”

Gil Morris

Clements, Purvis & Stewart, P.C.

“Exclaimer is great for marketing because we can use it in so many different ways. We can really understand our recipients in detail and see what content they’re interacting with.”

Victoria Walker

Apple Print & Creative

“Exclaimer has truly made my life easier when it comes to controlling our employees’ email signatures. I’m proud of the way we can now express ourselves over email thanks to this solution.”

Trish Metts

Burris Logistics

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Rethinking email signatures

Explore how an email signature management solution can unlock the power of email signatures, without adding more work for busy IT teams.

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What is email signature automation and how can Exclaimer help?

Email signature automation is the process of automatically applying consistent, professional email signatures across all company emails, without the need for manual updates.

Exclaimer, with its powerful tools, ensures that every email sent from your organization, whether from Office 365, Outlook, or Google Workspace, carries a unified brand message.