Drive sales velocity

Accelerate your sales efforts

Maximize every interaction with your sales team by using email signatures to accelerate the sales process and boost conversion rates.

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Drive action

Enhance your sales cadences by optimizing each email to encourage action from prospects, guiding them towards a purchasing decision efficiently.

Share personalized content to drive conversion through each stage of the funnel such as social proof, special promotions, and product assets.

Facilitate seamless client engagement by embedding appointment booking links in your sales team's email signatures for easy contact.

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Empower your team

Amplify engagement by empowering your sales teams to choose the most suitable email signature for each recipient.

Make your sales team more approachable by adding personal photos and easily sharable contact details to emails.

Let sales representatives keep their contact details, personal information, and working hours up to date.

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Improve your sales cadences

Supercharge your sales process with email signatures – optimize each email with personalization and feedback opportunities.

Use CRM data to incorporate prompt messaging in sales emails based on lead score, buying stage or user actions.

Discover the impact of your cadences and track each sales representative’s performance through prospect feedback at every email touchpoint.

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Exclaimer features

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Optimized sales emails

Timely prompts

Use banners to encourage engagement from potential customers at key stages in their decision-making process, guiding them towards a purchase.

Plans to power up your emails

Choose a suitable plan to meet your needs and get ready to launch enhanced company email signatures.


Our basic plan delivers consistent email signatures across the entire organization.


Fire up your marketing potential with multiple templates, rotating banners and one-click surveys. 


Embrace the full power of email signatures with advanced signature targeting and scheduling, complete design customization, and access to analytics.

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“Exclaimer is an outstanding email signature solution. It suits our needs perfectly, and we wouldn’t be able to handle our signatures without it. Exclaimer just makes it all easy.”

Alfred Muller

Dunlop Protective Footwear

“With Exclaimer, we can now force email signature uniformity, and run banner campaigns for different departments. Their customer support is fantastic and I highly recommend their solution.”

Ryan Fannin

Indianapolis Colts

“Whether you want to reinforce your brand, share important news or simply ensure that your contact details are delivered consistently, Exclaimer is the best way to manage the process efficiently.”

Anke Taylor

FloControl Ltd

“We have found the entire signature creation and implementation process incredibly efficient and time saving, while also making overall signature administration much easier.”

Gil Morris

Clements, Purvis & Stewart, P.C.

“Exclaimer is great for marketing because we can use it in so many different ways. We can really understand our recipients in detail and see what content they’re interacting with.”

Victoria Walker

Apple Print & Creative

“Exclaimer has truly made my life easier when it comes to controlling our employees’ email signatures. I’m proud of the way we can now express ourselves over email thanks to this solution.”

Trish Metts

Burris Logistics


What role do email signatures play in increasing sales velocity?

Email signatures serve as a powerful tool in accelerating sales velocity by ensuring consistent, professional branding across all communications.

They can include direct links to product pages, promotional content, or upcoming events, making it easier for recipients to take action. This seamless blend of branding and direct calls-to-action significantly shortens the sales cycle, enabling sales teams to close deals faster.