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Exclaimer provides a centralized email signature generator solution for your entire organization. Manually updating company email signatures for all users is an arduous and repetitive task for IT teams. Using an HTML email signature generator saves countless hours as control can be passed over to another team in your organization such as your marketing department. 

Exclaimer’s solution is intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring no coding or HTML skills. This lets non-IT teams take complete control over your corporate email signatures. Creating dynamic and professional email signature templates means your brand is consistent on every email, every time.

Your marketing team can run email signature marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness and lead generation efforts. These campaigns can then be reported on using analytics dashboards to track performance. 

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Generate professional email signatures with Exclaimer

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“For me, the great thing about this product is that it’s designed for anyone to use. You don’t need any special IT skills to create a really great email signature.”

Joshua Martin

Everton F.C.

“We have found the entire signature creation and implementation process incredibly efficient and time saving, while also making overall signature administration much easier.”

Gil Morris

Clements, Purvis & Stewart, P.C.

“With Exclaimer, we can now force email signature uniformity, and run banner campaigns for different departments. Their customer support is fantastic and I highly recommend their solution.”

Ryan Fannin

Indianapolis Colts

“Seamless, functional and professional-looking automatic signature system for corporate email accounts. Love the fact that you can create uniformity across the business in minutes and keep a professional and clean look company-wide.”

Brandon Smith

TGS Automotive Group

“The solution adjusts perfectly to our needs, and we wouldn’t be able to handle our signatures without it. Our email signatures are great because Exclaimer makes it easy.”

Alfred Muller


“Exclaimer is great for marketing because we can use it in so many different ways. We can really understand our recipients in detail and see what content they’re interacting with.”

Victoria Walker

Apple Print & Creative

“Exclaimer has truly made my life easier when it comes to controlling our employees’ email signatures. I’m proud of the way we can now express ourselves over email thanks to this solution.”

Trish Metts

Burris Logistics

Over 60,000 customers worldwide trust Exclaimer

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How to generate an email signature?

Email signatures can be generated manually from within Outlook365 or Google Workspace environments. There is also the option of having email signatures generated from a single central point such as with Exclaimer. This can be done once and then signatures are shared across an entire organization.