Power up your marketing with our new features 

Ignite the true potential of your email signatures with new features designed to turbo-boost your marketing efforts.  

Each of these features streamlines the process of targeting your signature content, delivering the right content to the right people.

new features

Social Feeds

Connect with customers using Social Feeds 

Stand out from your competitors with our Social Feeds feature. Display your three latest Facebook posts in your email signature, to strengthen connections and communities with those who already know you. 

You'll also see Social Feeds analytics, to help you get a better understanding of what posts perform well and which messages resonate with your audiences.  

Did you know that fully connected customers are (on average) 52% more valuable?

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Salesforce Integration

Unleash the power of your Salesforce data 

Our new, seamless Salesforce Integration gives you more control over the customer journey and provides a more customized experience.  

With it, you pull your recipient lists directly from Salesforce into our email signature management platform. You can then ensure that your audience receive tailored signature content based on where they are in the buying journey. 

Did you know companies that get personalization right have

40% more revenue potential compared to those who don't?

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Easily manage short-term promotions

In just a few clicks, you can schedule banner campaigns that deliver highly personalized messages to your audience at the most optimal time.

Deliver timely messages to your audience and schedule these around special events or short-term promotions, ensuring your messages reach your audience at the perfect moment.

Thanks to our standalone module, you can save time and switch things up as often as needed.

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Audit log

Owner roles can now easily track the time and date stamp of user logins in the product instantly 

Owner roles can download a CSV file containing login event details such as date, time, and username.

Say goodbye to support ticket processes and manual log searches. Access your audit data instantly, saving time and eliminating frustration.

Move beyond the constraints of a week. The Audit Log feature allows you to retrieve historical data, providing a comprehensive view of your system's login activity.

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Our new features amplify our existing email signature management features for marketers like:

  • Rotating promotional banners

  • Advanced targeting and scheduling

  • Headline content

  • QR codes + vCards

  • One-click surveys

  • Engagement dashboard

  • Analytics and reporting

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More on these features

Rotating banners

Often, marketers have a lot to share with their audience but not enough ad space. Rotating banners give you the freedom to display multiple messages in the same space.  

On top of that, you can enhance your banners with: 

  • Advanced targeting: Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time 

  • Headline placement: Place banners above the email message body for maximum impact

  • A/B testing: Compare the effectiveness of different messages to optimize performance

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QR Codes + vCards

With vCards, add centrally controlled employee information to signatures as a QR code that recipients can scan and save to their device, making it convenient for recipients to add your contact information to their address book with just a few clicks. 

  • Add hyperlinks as scannable QR codes within your email signatures to include links to videos, brochures, or insightful articles to provide added value to email conversations.

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One-click surveys

Get real-time customer and employee feedback using embedded one-click surveys. 

  • Collect actionable insights with every email you send.

  • Surface and act on feedback collected with workflows you create.

  • Showcase customer satisfaction scores from your email signatures.

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Engagement dashboard

Data is the key to driving efficient growth. And with our analytics dashboard, you’ll get full visibility into how your audience interacts with your email signatures.  

Our engagement dashboard helps you:  

  • Measure ROI and guide your follow-up actions

  • Monitor clicks on different banners and signature templates as part of your email signature campaigns

  • Optimize your strategies for better results

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Analytics and reporting

10x SQLs – Generate more sales meetings

Increase speed-to-lead and reduce friction in your acquisition loops by using the Microsoft Bookings and Calendly integration.


Make scheduling meetings effortless by including a Calendly link in email signatures.

You’re in safe hands 

We build security into every part of our email signature management platform. We’re the proud holders of multiple industry certifications for our security and compliance standards. 

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