Achieve more for your business

Exclaimer empowers businesses to achieve greater success through optimized one-to-one email communications, unlocking a multitude of valuable outcomes.

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Outcomes you can achieve

Find out how you can turn your signatures into a powerful tool that reinforces brand trust, keeps you compliant, and allows you to deliver sales and marketing results.

Automate email signatures

Ensure each email reflects your organization's professionalism and credibility.


Enhance brand consistency

Elevate your brand profile with every employee email for increased reach and impact.


Generate demand

Optimize the high volume of personalized 1:1 emails to boost lead generation, improve conversion, and drive revenue.


Achieve email compliance

Build trust in email communications and reduce regulatory risks with standardized email signatures and disclaimers on every email sent.


Drive sales velocity

Maximize every interaction with your sales team by using email signatures to accelerate the sales process and boost conversion rates.


Amplify social media

Power up your social media presence, improve visibility, and transform every email into social engagement opportunities.


Connect with customers

Understand customer sentiment, reduce churn, create advocacy, and boost purchase intent.


The most secure email signature platform globally 

Know we’re dedicated to keeping your data safe, and your business compliant.  Check out the certifications we hold for our security and compliance standards. 

Built for every business

Exclaimer is used by companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors. So we've created three pricing plans to match.