Social Feeds

A boost for your socials  

Supercharge your email signatures by adding in your social feeds, turning every email into an opportunity to boost your socials. 

Make your marketing efforts and budget go further by expanding the reach of your social media posts to a wider audience with greater frequency. 

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Expand your social reach

Increase follower count and expand the audience for your social media content through your business emails. 

Work efficiently

Ensure that signatures are always fresh and connected to your ongoing campaigns.

Amplify engagement

Drive greater click-through-rates with more visual and interactive signature designs.

Measure the results

Improve the performance of your social media efforts with new insights provided in the Social Feeds Analytics dashboard.

  • Seamless integration with Facebook

  • Automatically synchronize the last three posts weekly

  • Drag and drop your social feeds into signature template designs

  • Customize signature elements such as the font and sizing to match branding

  • Add social posts to every employee email

  • Measure engagement with Social Feeds Analytics

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Integrates with

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“In a world where every marketing dollar counts, this new feature gives every business the opportunity to really drive social engagement with a channel they already own.”  

 Sally Bellis, Social Media Manager for Exclaimer

More amazing features to manage your email signatures successfully:

  • Rotating promotional banners

  • Advanced targeting and scheduling

  • Headline content

  • QR codes + vCards

  • One-click surveys

  • Engagement dashboard

  • Analytics and reporting

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FAQ on adding social media to your email signature

It's now common for businesses to use icons in their email signatures that link to their social media accounts. Doing this helps bring stakeholders to your social platforms and is an important part of the omnichannel marketing experience. If you're ready to stand out for your competitors and give you email signatures a fresh, new feels, try adding Social Feeds.

What exactly is the Social Feeds feature in Exclaimer?

The Social Feeds feature in Exclaimer is your go-to solution for harnessing the power of social media within your emails. This innovative feature effortlessly pulls the latest updates from your Facebook profile and showcases them in your email signatures. It's a robust way to keep your communications fresh and your brand narrative flowing, driving engagement with every email sent.

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