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Streamlining brand messaging for Zeren

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Harry Lewis

Managing Director, Zeren

Andrew Gordon

IT Manager, Zeren

Ensuring consistency across all emails

Zeren, a talent agency based in London specializing in scaling high-growth software companies, faced a major challenge. Their global team struggled with maintaining a consistent brand message, largely because of varied and uncoordinated email signatures. This inconsistency posed a significant barrier to effective branding and communication in a fiercely competitive market. 

Andrew stated, We needed a tool to consolidate all user signatures from a centralized point. Managing individual users' settings in Outlook on their phones was difficult, especially with people using webmail and different types of phones where logos couldn't be added.

How to achieve unified branding in a decentralized workplace 

As Zeren grew as a business, the need to present a unified brand image on all communications became more pressing. The team's diversity and geographic spread resulted in inconsistent email signatures, presenting a disjointed brand identity.  This inconsistency made it difficult for Zeren to convey a clear and unified message to its clients. 

Harry emphasized the crucial need for consistency, explaining, "We needed a solution that would let us standardize signature styles across all our consultants, promoting a consistently strong brand message.

The solution: Unified signatures with central management  

At Exclaimer, we were thrilled to provide Zeren with our leading email signature solution. Our centralized platform, designed for seamless integration with Office 365, enabled Zeren to effortlessly standardize their email signatures organization wide

Andrew Gordon, IT Manager at Zeren, praised the seamless integration and compatibility of our product with Microsoft 365, their primary IT and email platform. "Opting for Exclaimer was an obvious choice," Gordon remarked. "Its user-friendly WYSIWYG editor and impeccable integration with Microsoft 365 set it apart from the competition.

The transformation was both swift and striking. We empowered Zeren to completely overhaul their email signatures in a seamless manner, bypassing the need for individual user involvement. This efficiency allowed their team to focus more on other projects, ensuring a unified brand identity across all communication channels, effortlessly.

Effortless consistency. Enhanced brand image 

"The advantage of Exclaimer is its ease of implementation and transparency for users," Harry stated. "Our team doesn't have to worry about managing their own signatures, which simplifies their workflow and enhances our overall brand image.

Andrew found Exclaimer's adaptability and the level of control it provided to be exceptionally impressive.

He noted, "The tool's stacking feature enables the addition of various signature elements, all governed by rules and integrating flawlessly with Microsoft 365 security groups.

Moving forward with confidence 

Our partnership with Zeren has successfully resolved their immediate branding concerns and laid a solid foundation for future unified and consistent brand communication.  

For businesses facing similar issues, our collaboration with Zeren serves as a blueprint for leveraging technology to enhance brand messaging and foster better communication among global teams.